The Glorious Studio


Glorious Studio is one of the India’s leading product photography studios. Founded in 2010, the highly professional experience and experts in all types of creative photography. Our state of the art equipment allows us to produce beautiful and original images of the highest quality. Shooting from our studio in Center of Surat, we work closely with a wide range of Jewelry brands and various retail brands to create impressive high-end photo/video shots and eye catching product packshots.

Glorious Studio provides an extensive range of photographic services to bring your vision to life, from initial artistic input through to shooting the images, concept and set design, retouching and preparing ready to post files.

Our creative skill, technical expertise and wide-ranging experiences allow us to fulfil complex photographic briefs, from the initial concept to the delivery of the final images.

We have earned expertise in jewelry photography throughout so many years of experience that enable us to provide desired results where other photographers fails.

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Jewelry photography is an art form. From lighting to retouching,
it is a difficult type of product to photograph.